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Module v1.0.2

Each outlet has corresponding postal codes (Especially if the Outlet is Island Wide coverage) we have to add certain postal codes to accept delivery and orders on a Zonal basis.


To add Postal Code (including Google Maps)


Click on Outlets > Postal Code Management


On this page, you will see a bunch of Postal Codes that will determine available Postal for delivery.

To search for an existing Code, just type in the postal code that shows on the illustration below.



Postal code: 428393
Postal address: 23 Jalan Baiduri, Singapore 428393, Singapore


On this Postal code, you can search that on the field above to check for duplicates, if there’s none, we can add the postal code.


Click on the + icon on the upper right corner and you will see the illustration below.

1. Fill up corresponding postal codes

2. Address 1 – should be a # or a Block #, Address 2 – The street or road name itself

3. Latitude and Longitude – should be indicated whichever google maps told you so by following the illustration below:

Q: How do we get Latitude and Longitude?

  1. Go to
  2. Search the postal code from the search bar (i.e, 428393 Singapore)
  3. Lat and Log will show on the address bar of your browser (See Illustration
  4. Latitude : ex. 1.3332208 / Longitude : 103,8704519 – you can see this on the address bar next to URL.
  5. Copy and paste corresponding Lat and Log on the Add Postal Page
  6. Click SUBMIT to apply changes.

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