Add and/or Delete Outlets

Disclaimer: Adding Outlet should be done on NinjaOS end and must notify our developer for further additional outlets. 

Outlet (also known as Branch or SubOutlet Selection) is a major configuration in which your merchandise can add up to 3 more separate addresses considered as Additional Outlets or Branch. This feature can be also rectified by your end by following the steps below based on your criteria.

Outlet Add & Delete

You can add an outlet by clicking the Add Button (+) at the upper right portion of the screen.

Go click on Outlets > Outlets


By clicking Add, you have to fill up all the required fields with the following details.

Now, if you wish to delete an Outlet in the future, or mistakenly added an Outlet. Simply hover your mouse to the Trash Bin Icon (which is aligned to your preferred outlet) and click. Confirm and you’re done!




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