Reservation Feature on NinjaOS

Module 1.0.2

Reservation is a NinjaOS function which we cater and accept reservation (for Buffet, Table Reservation and Group Dine-in Advanced Table Reservation)

For this feature, we have several configurations.

1. Calendar – Business Day and Time

If you’re planning to plot a date for holidays, company events, and many other errands.

To go to Business Day, go to
Dashboard > Outlets > Outlets

below are the outlets, on the right part of the preferred outlet, Click on the Calendar icon down below the Action Column

Once clicked, select your preferred operational Business Days.

On the illustration above, the Green Circle represents Business Day or Operational. On the other hand, the Grey Circle means Closed Days or out for Non-operations.

For Business Time

Outlets operating hours can be edited according to your plan.

To edit Business Time, go to Dashboard > Outlets > Outlets

Next to an outlet, under Actions Column, select Business Time Icon

(Fourth Icon next to Business Day “calendar” icon)

Once selected, you will see the screen below

Please set the business hours when you accept reservations for both lunch and dinner.

  1. Default Time is when you prefer to set a Default Timing on both Lunch and Dinner. This is applicable for Operational Days below.
  2. We also have Custom Time in which you can slide the time schedule on the lower left to select in which operational time preferred.

And click Save to Apply Changes.

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