Delivery Configuration on NinjaOS

This article is applicable for NinjaOS Own Riders / Lalamove / Zeek / Grab Express


NinjaOS is an online platform used for online business, items posted for e-commerce and digitally order products online. From it’s revolutionary system, NinjaOS can also deliver these items thru the help of our partner Delivery Riders such as Lalamove, Zeek, Grab Express and your very own Freelance Riders.

Every delivery has option depending on customers location, distance from the main outlet, and preparation time prior to time committed. You also have an option to set these Minimum Amount to spend, Control the Delivery Charge, and set Minimum Amount to avail a Free Delivery.

Go to Dashboard > Outlets > Outlets

and you’ll be in Outlets page

On each outlet has different options. Please look for the Drop Pin Icon

The Drop Pin icon indicates the Mapping tool for Delivery, that also includes the modification of Delivery Charges, Setting Minimums and Free Delivery.

Every Outlet has Distance or Zones which has corresponding Delivery Rates, Minimal Amount to Spend and many other configurations.

To edit and configure Delivery Zones, click on the Edit icon under Actions.

Sample Illustration only

NOTE: Delivery Mapping is different from this configuration, follow instructions here for Delivery Mapping


  1. Zone Name – Name the area coverage (normally it should be KM 0-3)
  2. Availability – always set to Delivery as default
  3. Select Outlet – choose preferred outlet
  4. Postal – also automatically adds the Address 1
  5. Minimum Amount – set minimum amount to accept orders before checkout.
  6. Delivery Charge – set delivery fee on zone selected
  7. Additional Delivery Charge- set additional delivery fee on top of current Delivery Charge
  8. Free Delivery – set Free Delivery when reached certain amount


If you set a Minimum Order Amount, this is how it looks like. Customer can’t checkout until not reaching minimum amount.



Always keep the Status Active, hit Submit to apply changes.
For the Postal Code/Zonal Map, you may refer it here. (Postal Code/Zonal)



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