Turnaround Time

Turnaround time or TAT is a countdown time for preparation prior to time of fulfillment. In Layman’s term, it’s a countdown timer to prepare a customers order on a sequence.

TAT is very important most especially for fulfillment centers to obtain a good “Service Level” and achieve a good time of preparation of orders.


To Edit TAT, go to Dashboard > Outlet > Edit Outlet (Specific outlet should be selected, if you have 2 or more)

Click on the Edit Icon to proceed editing.

Note: Make sure to be specific with the Outlet.

Scroll down on the Edit Outlet until you see the TAT Time* and select each portion to edit.


Each availability has it’s own TAT time, you can click on the Drop down menu and select corresponding TAT Time.

Hit Submit to apply changes.



TAT also affects your Operational Timeslots. You can check that post here to see how it works.

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