Product Page for Pro Plus


Product Page is the main screen that you will see for further options on each of your product.

Let’s take a look on how the Product Page looks

Sample Illustration only***

This is the Product Page

On the main page, you’ll see some useful options for either editing or adding items.

If you wish to look for a product to edit or categorize, have it search on the search bar at the upper left part of the main screen.

Drop Down Menu > Select either Product or SKU filter then type the desired item and click the search bar to search.

Drop Down Category/Subcategory > More options to filter items

Drop Down Availability > Look for items according to category

Drop Down Menu > Outlet/Product Type/Status

Each Product also has an option depending on it’s status.

To Hide it Temporarily / Inactive. Just Click on the Lock icon.


As per the image above, the Unlock means ACTIVE, while Locked means INACTIVE.

Below Action Column has several options.

  1. Star Icon – Toggle to make item as Special or Favorite/Highlight items on your Featured Products
  2. Eye icon – Overview of item and its configuration
  3. Edit Icon – Configure and Edit product
  4. Trash Icon – Delete item permanently (Note: This is irreversible)

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