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Revised Dec, 2021 – Update on UI/UX on Category and Product selection, Update on Image Dimension Specs

Images are one of the main aspects of setting up a product. It allows customers to see what item/product/services sold.

UPDATE: Starting September 2021, NinjaPro Clients will face a new UI/UX Web Design where we enhanced the view when selecting items inside Category.

Now, a new layout is also added where customers can select Category by clicking the thumbnail above. And the images for the thumbnail is also a part of the CATEGORY IMAGES.

Image Sizes are below (as of December, 2021)

Home slider – 1500px X 879px
Category banners – 1500px X 539px
Product Images – 1500px X 879px
Product Thumbnail, crop to 200×200 pixels inch or anything close to 1:1 square ratio on a Standard Definition.

For Enterprise Gallery – this can be customized, our dev team will provide different sizes for the images.

Adding Images

To add images, there are actions needed for Category, Product, Banners and Gallery.

Sample Illustration only

The illustration above was an image for Simple/Combo Product.

To remove a certain image, you can hover the image and click on X on top of the image. And upload again.

Hit Submit to upload and apply changes.

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