Productivity Solutions Grant

What is PSG?

The Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) is a new government initiative to assist businesses in their transformation journey. An initial S$110 million will be set aside over the next three years (until 2020) for PSG to support selected productivity solutions in line with the Industry Transformation maps (ITMs).

PSG will cover sector-specific solutions in retail, food, logistics, precision engineering, wholesale and landscaping industries, as well as broad-based solutions that cut across industries, such as in areas of human resource management systems, among others.

As businesses transit into the next phase of transformation, more substantial investments and longer-term commitments may be required. Thus, PSG will support in the following manner:

Funding of up to 80% of the cost.
Pre-scoping of IT solutions and equipment with pre-qualified vendors
(for IT solutions).
Simplified grant processes.



Frequently Asked Questions

Why NinjaOS Exists?

We believe restaurants excel in providing great food and awesome customer service. They are simply great offline at their retail store.

Customers on the other hand have evolved and are discovering F&B outlets on search results instead of walking around, they want it delivered quick, they want to arrive for that pickup just on time, order and pay with no waiting time and be notified on promotions via email instead of flyers. We can simply put, as they are always online.

NinjaOS was made to bridge this gap. Making it possible for F&B outlets to get their brand and food online and allow customers to take action and place orders. Making it possible for F&B outlets to get customer and business insights to further optimise and think about promotions and marketing. Keeping F&B outlets ahead in a competive landscape and yet allowing them to do what they do best.

What is NinjaOS?

NinjaOS is a modern E-Commerce company that aims to help F&B Outlets save money by optimizing processes, manpower and operation and increase sales by enabling business capability to accept orders online.

How do I Login to my Camp Panel?

You can log in to your camp panel that can be accessed using your PC/Laptop or your phone’s Browser.

Normally, the Camp Panel link is shared to you during Demo/Training and sent via WhatsApp.

Where do I acquire my Login Credential?

Log-in credentials can be acquired during the demo link share.
You can request this on our WhatsApp group.

Can I change my Username and Password for Camp Panel?

No. You can’t change your main username. But the password can be changed.
You can add more User Logins and control their access by following the Users Support Guide

How do I switch to the Business App from the Camp Panel?

On Camp Panel main page, you can click the Switch to Business Panel at the upper right corner, hit OK to confirm.

Same thing goes on Business Panel, click on Switch to Camp Panel and hit OK to confirm.

Delivery FAQ's

How to add Delivery Zone?

You can refer to our Support Guide about this topic.

You can also reach out to our WhatsApp Group to ask for further assistance about this.

How do I add Delivery Surcharge?

You can refer to our Support Guide about this topic.

On this method, we have 2 types of Surcharges. By Time and By Date.

Always select Delivery as your availability.


Delivery Refund Policy

What is the Refund Policy?

Refund Policy, like in every store we are in and get a damaged item, missing item or the item we’ve paid is not available is subject to a Refund.

Refund is a process in which customers can get back their payment and roll back on their Card or a real-time Cash return.

NinjaOS has also had this policy in which, its term is subject to their Payment Gateway Merchant and Incidents to process a partial or full refund to the customer.

Where can I find the SSID for refunds?

You can refer to the SSID or Service ID Number of a specific transaction or Order Number, under Payment Status > The SSID is indicated, and look it up on your Payment Gateway to process a refund.

How do I refund my Customer?