“My customers always order with me on WhatsApp. It’s a second revenue channel, I had to manually answer all queries on time or I lose that business. With NinjaOS now everything is automated with my own website, customers view the menu, order and pay online at their convenience. My customers love it and in just two months I have seen my business grow to 5 figures a month. I have full access to my customer base, I feel much more safer that I can connect to them anytime. Will strongly recommend NinjaOS to anyone in the F&B industry.”


“We had been using Shopify and other e-commerce systems that only did part of the job. NinjaOS helped us combine Ordering, CRM, Loyalty and Customer Engagement. Now we can take orders for Delivery, Takeaway, Catering, and Reservation with our own custom designed site. We can now manage all our orders, view all of our data, dissect it and make smarter & faster decisions than our competitors”


“We wanted to serve our biryani to our customers islandwide. Started with one shop in Norris road, had customers calling us, emailing us and on whatsapp. Things were getting busy & we were losing customers because we couldn’t manage the manual process of taking the order on our POS, collecting payment via transfer and arranging a driver. With NinjaOS the process is so simple, smooth and efficient. Our delivery business has grown to 40% of our total revenue and we have managed to have enough time to open our second outlet. We strongly recommend restaurants to use NinjaOS.”


“I was using another e commerce solution provider but it was not integrated with Delivery riders and it was very complicated to use. I switched to NinjaOS and was very pleased with the results, it has been really helpful to grow our business. Now I can receive orders islandwide, view and manage my orders easily, assign drivers and collect payments with one simple to use system. I would highly recommend every F&B owner to use NinjaOS.”