Paynow by Omise – QR Code Payment


Omise is a partner payment gateway method of NinjaOS to accept Debit and Credit cards. Now, Omise launched a feature that customers can pay via QR Code and instantly approve it without verifying it.


To enable PayNow, send an email requesting this feature to You will need to review and accept new terms and conditions.

Payment Flow

Customers paying via PayNow go through an offline payment flow. This means that once the charge is created, it can only be authorized offline. In this case, the customer must scan the generated QR code using a banking app on their phone to complete the flow.

After the customer selects PayNow as their preferred payment method, your site should generate the PayNow QR code. The following screenshots demonstrate two flows: one using a desktop browser and one using a mobile browser. In both cases, once the QR code is visible, the customer must scan it to complete the payment.



To know more about Omise Paynow – simply follow this link.

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