Adding User for Camp Panel


You as the admin has the way to create authorized user to access your Back End camp panel.

Being in charge, adding user is simply as follows.


Dashboard > Users > Users

On the main page, you will see the screen below

As you can see on the illustration above, authorized person will show on the Users Page that includes the Username, Valid Email Address, User Role and other options per user. If you have multiple authorized User, you can also search a certain Username or Name at the upper left corner.

To add a User, click on the Add Button (+) on the upper right corner.

You can add user by simply filling up the following:

  1. First Name – The users valid name
  2. Last Name
  3. *optional Add Profile Picture
  4. Create username (hint: Recommended to use a unique username according to assigned role)
  5. Password – Keep in mind Passwords are case sensitive
  6. Valid Email Address – working email address to confirm user
  7. User Role – Select if Person is a PRODUCT SETUP or STAFF
  8. Status – Always set Active

Once done, click SUBMIT to apply changes.


My staff already not connected, can I remove it? Yes! Click here

Edit Users access by editing User Role.

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