Adding Category

Categories are considered group of items according to its classification. This is required to add a simple product.









You can go to Catalogs > Categories and you’ll see the next screen below.


Click on the Add Button (+) on the top right corner to add Category.

Creating Category with the following information…

  1. Category Name – Name a category according to its classification, or cluster.
  2. Descriptions – You may add a brief summary of the Category

3. Upload Certain Images of Category you wanted to add.

  •     Images – This is the basic image that displays on the top of Category when selected
  •     Active Icon Image – Image that reflects as icon on selections when selected or hovered by a pointer
  •     Default Icon Image – The image that shows on the Main Page

4. Sort Order – Range by number to sort according to its arrangement

5. Availability – Select either the Category is for delivery,pickup,dinein or reservation.

6. Outlet – Select outlet

Also, don’t forget to tick the Check Box to Make It As Navigation Menu – this option allows you to publish the category on you website’s main page.

And hit the SUBMIT button to apply changes.



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