Adding a Combo Product


Combo Product is an item that can be modified, bundled or option to add-on with another product. In any case your Simple Product should have an add-on. This thread will be your guide on how to create a Combo Product.


Simply go to Dashboard > Catalog > Products

The procedure is the same when adding Products but Combo is different.

To Add Product, click on the Add Button (+) on the top right corner and add the same procedure on Adding Simple Product


After adding product, click on the Combo Product Setup option on the left panel.

Tap on the “Apply Minimum, Maximum Setup” and then click + Add More

Fill up all necessary fields above including…

  1. Product Set Name Рthis should be how the Modifiers Category example : Select Add-ons, Select One Item etc.)
  2. Combo Products – select Modifier items (which added from Simple Product/Modifier Product)
  3. Combo Product Groups – if you created Modifier Group, you can simply add that if you have multiple items
  4. Minimum Select – (type 0 if no minimum requirement, add value for minimum item such 1-99)
  5. Maximum Select – (1 is required maximum, reach up to 99)
  6. Sort Order – Arrange sorting order
  7. Apply Price – if modifier product has price, check this box to apply price when adding from list.
  8. Apply Modifier – If the item is only one, it will apply selection as Radio Button

Do not click Modifier Box below if you want to make it set per quantity (Numerical)

You can also select another option (if the item is multiple)


And Click Submit to apply changes

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