Adding Multiple Items on NinjaOS


Our platform allows you to add multiple items to a menu list without adding it one at a time. This is usually used for restaurants that has more than 100+ items.


We can follow the steps below.

Go to Dashboard > Catalog > Products

Once on the Products page, click on the Import button on the top right corner below the Add Button.

Please prepare your .csv file that you created for this one.

Once clicked, please check on the sample file to get a sample copy of CSV

Once you created the CSV, click on the + Import File on Simple Product or Combo product CSV File
Select the CSV file from your computer and click Import.

After importing, you will go back to the Products Page and you will see all items added on the Product.

You can also edit some key points by clicking the Edit Button right next to the item you wish to edit.

Can’t see your item on website? Check the following Features on Products

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