Food Vouchers

Module v1.0


NinjaOS announced a new feature for our Pro and Enterprise clients wherein customers can avail Vouchers and receive them digitally on their My Account. Vouchers can be sold either For Yourself or Gift to Someone else. Just register their existing email address and receive it in an instant.


For Merchants:

  1. Go to Catalogs > Products and create a new item by clicking the + at the top right.


The steps on creating vouchers will mostly the same as when creating Simple Products.

2. Create item, select product type (Food Vouchers)

3. Select Voucher Type – choices between Food and Cash Vouchers

4. Add Voucher Validity or its expiration.

5. Set Vouchers Availability – Vouchers can be purchased from Takeaway, Delivery, Dine-In.

6. Set Price on the Left part of the Product Page.

7. Assign Vouchers on Category by selecting on appropriate selection.

*optional – you can add an image by uploading it next to Combo Setup, make sure to add an image on Thumbnail equivalent to square (200x200px) and Image should be (768x450px)


Once done, hit Submit to apply changes.

All settings will apply in real-time.



For Customers View:


  1. Customers can view Vouchers as per Category, select Food Voucher, or whichever is indicated.
  2. Select an item and click *Add to Cart*
  3. Have two options for purchasing Vouchers, one is for Gift, one is for Me. (Gift Feature should indicate the recipient’s Name, Email, and an optional message.)


The illustration above is for Gift, provide necessary information as much as possible.

The illustration above is for myself option, just click add to cart and continue until checkout.


Under My Account:

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