NinjaPro Configuration

NinjaPro has several configurations and it can be found on one tab.

Changing Logos, Inputting Social Media integrations, Frontend configurations can be also found here.


Go to *Outlet Name > Settings > NinjaPro Settings*

In the first part, we have the Logo for each Page. One is for the Logo on the upper left of your Camp Panel and the Logo used for your Main Page.


Each has a corresponding query depends on the field above.

On the middle part, we also have the Default Availability – in which you can select either Delivery, Pickup, Reservation or Dine In.

Facebook App ID – is where you need to put unique sequential numbers from Facebook so customers can log in using Facebook.

Direction Link – is where you can put your Outlet Direction Link, the Position of your outlet. (commonly used for Locating your Outlet)


We also have the other useful things to consider especially for Developers and IT personnel.


OTP Verification – you can enable One Time Pin for customers who are trying to sign up on your website.

Own Rider Notification – it has two options, Own Riders can be notified via Email or SMS. (Note: SMS should request top-up to NinjaOS.)


The last 3 are the Analytics. GTM, Google Analytics, and Facebook Pixel.
You can paste your current ID’s and if you wish to add 2 or more ID’s, separate it with comma,
You can also follow Analytics Configuration Guide here.

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