Advanced Operational Timeslots


Advanced Operational Timeslots are the Time Settings set for advanced orders, order later methods, and preferred scheduling of orders. It has 2 options; Time Setting and Timeslot.


Time – a measurement of schedule according to your operations, divided on interval timing. (The first one represents the HH time and the other image is for MM which is the interval time. The current interval selection is at 15 minutes.)

Timeslot – a selection of time from Opening to Closing, separated with cutoff time. (It’s a fixed timeslot, as per illustration, the Delivery/Pickup can be done between 4:00 PM ~ 5:00 PM)


To edit and rectify Timeslot

Go to Outlet Name > Advanced Operational Timeslot

Each Availability has unique timeslots or time settings. Go click Edit on each to modify settings per the availability.

  1. Select your Preferred outlet (if you have 2 or more outlets)
  2. Availability (select one option available)
  3. Type (select Time or Timeslot)


For Time – Must select then apply available days as shown above. Uncheck meaning not Operational or Blocked date.

Interval Minutes – The time interval per time / e.g value is (15) 10:00 ~ 10:15, 10:15 ~ 10:30

On the illustration, if Sunday is unchecked; Customers cannot place an order on Sunday.
And each Timeslot can choose Maximum Days (farthest date for Advanced Orders)


For Timeslot – Must select then apply days, as shown above, the difference is that the scheduling of timeslot is different from what expected on Time inverted.

The thing is that the Timeslot has a cutoff to apply. (The Image above has a Timeslot of 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM meaning they will expect Delivery/Pickup within the Timeslot selected.

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