Lead Time for Products (Advanced Orders)

Lead Time is used for placing orders In Advanced (Particularly Day before or Minutes before)

To set an Advanced Order, go to Dashboard > Catalogs > Products and choose specific item.

On the Products, choosing one particular item should go under Actions and select Edit Product.

Product Lead time is under Edit Products, it should be located at the lower left side as seen on the illustration above.
Once clicked, it will lead to the next screen.



Product Lead Time – (Days) and (Minutes) Basically you should put a value of 1 for 24 hour Advance Order, 2 for 48 hours and so on. For minutes, it should be counted by 15,30,45,60,120,180 not per hour value.

Based On Product Quantity – This is useful to use Lead Time as per Quantity of the item.


Once done, hit Submit to apply changes.

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