QR Codes for Dine-in feature

Module v. 1.0


NinjaOS also serves the way on how you can take orders and scan QR Codes for certain choice of Tables prior to Dine-in.

On this page, you can create a revolutionary way of ordering with NinjaOS.


To go to Table Management, follow Camp Panel > Outlets > Table Management


Once on Table Management, you will see this illustration below.


You need to click on the Eye Icon to see a specific QR Code (per table)

You can right click on this QR Code to save and print > attach on your print out menus.


How to add Table on this Page

Simply click on the + button on the upper right corner and fill up all possible fields such as (Table Number)
And the QR Code will automatically generate after hitting submit.


Note: If you have 2 or more outlets, please make sure to select the correct one to avoid errors.

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