Operational Timeslots (Availability Time)

Updated : v1.2 (TAT Time and Operational Timeslots)

Timeslots are very important that people may come to you or place orders online, and you can accept orders based on the Time configured with this feature.
You can separately configure time for Delivery, Takeaway, Reservation and Dinein.

Check the illustration below (you can choose Availability for whichever the case)

Operational Time is very important. Left Side clock setting will be the time store will open, on the other hand is the Closing Time for the store. And always keep an eye Setting up the Cut Off Time.

Please do also not forget the Days on the top of Time Settings.


UPDATE: Please choose timeslots according to your Turnaround Time (TAT)
Example, your operational timeslot for delivery is only until 7pm, but your TAT was set to 120mins.

Customers can still select 120mins ahead of 7pm. > Better to set Timeslot less the TAT time to lessen order errors.


Interval Minutes – Should be at least 15 (leaving it blank will not able to select time on Checkout)

Minimum Days – Same as Lead Time, set 0 for same day. set 1 for advanced orders.

Maximum Date – Set for 30 days minimum.

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