Static Block

Static Block is a part of CMS page that can also edit your Offline Payment Method and Popup Banner.

An illustration above stating all sort of inclusions associated with Static Block. The main here is the Offline Payment Information and Popup banner.

Offline Payment via Static Block

First, click on the Edit Icon under Actions column…

  1. Title – Edit title according to the illustration
  2. Slug – the website friendly phrase connected with dash.
  3. Description – Input all necessary information for offline payment (account numbers, swift codes, QR codes, Captcha)


Once edited, hit SUBMIT to apply changes.


Popup Banner Editing


Popup Banner is a Promotion that pops up on the main screen. It typically applies to all NinjaOS users.

To edit a Popup Banner, go to Dashboard > CMS > Static Block and look for Normal Popup

Once on the Static Block, you can click on the Edit icon under Actions Column.

To Edit or Change popup image, double click on the image inside Description and should click on the Image Properties as shown on the next illustration.

Images from Pizzaboy Camp Panel, options may vary depending on your current NinjaOS Feature.

Click on the Browse Server to show all images uploaded.


You will see all images uploaded here, if you wish to upload a new image, click on the Upload at the upper left corner.

Once selected, double click the desired image and it will show now inside Description box.

To modify and apply appropriate size, should click on Source to enter Developer mode and you should see  the illustration below.

Description Box will show as above, scroll to the right to find the term style with the following entry;


style=”width: 100%” /></p> and so on…


Note: width and height will apply its original size, erase the HEIGHT and edit WIDTH with 100% as shown above.

Once done, make sure the Popup Banner is showing “Both” and Status must be “Active” to see it on page, hit Submit button to apply changes.


Q. I can’t see my Promo Popup, did I make it wrong?

A. You should keep an eye to your settings and make sure Popup Banner is On under Settings > Promotion Settings (you can click on the link to see steps.)

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