Outlet Based Service Charge

You can apply a Service Charge on an Outlet Specific (if you have 2 or more outlets) and apply a different Service Charge on each outlet.


Go to Dashboard > Username (on upper right corner/outlet name) > Surcharge and click.



The main screen of Surcharge Settings is shown as below.

It’s a combination of Surcharge and Service Charges.

Now.. Let’s focus on Service Charge.



  1. Service Charge Option – should be on
  2. Tick the OutletBased option / the other side is common
  3. Service Charge – put value based on your charge
  4. Select either a Percentage or Fixed next to Service Charge
  5. Select Outlet – Select specific outlet (if you have 2 or more)
  6. Availability РSet Charges for the following Availability Delivery,DineIn, Pickup, Reservation


Hit SUBMIT to apply changes and it should appear upon checkout.

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