Adding Promotions

Do you have something in mind to put up a promo that doesn’t need to print any papers or edit coupons online? With NinjaOS, you can simply create a promotion in a minute.

You can go to Promotions > Drop down Menu and you’ll see 3 options.


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  1. Creating a Promotion

Click on Promotions > Promotion and you will see the same screen at the top.

Click on the + Sign on the upper right corner and you’ll see the main page to add promotion…

Let’s start creating Promotions…

  1. Promo Code – create your unique promo code on this field.
  2. Promotion Period – select Start and End date of the promotion
  3. Cart Minimum Qty – set minimum quantity to avail promotion
  4. Minimum Amount – set minimum amount to avail promotion
  5. Promotion Category – select which category to apply the promo
  6. Coupon Type – choose with the following options (Multi Use, One time use)
  7. Delivery Charge – toggle switch to Activate or Inactive charges with the promotion
  8. Promotion Type – Select from (number, percentage)
  9. Maximum Amount – select maximum amount on a ceiling price

Once done, hit the SUBMIT button to apply changes


Who uses my created promotion? Check it with Promotion Users

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