Loyalty Reward Settings

Loyalty Rewards is similar to a pointing system when you purchase any items from Groceries, Shopping, Food and here in NinjaOS, we can also monitor and create rewards using pointing system convertible with the amount or monetary.


Simply let your customer sign up with your outlet and Information will be saved.

Once each customer signed up and made a purchase, it will automatically add up a Loyalty Points on their account.


To check and see Loyalty Rewards, go to Dashboard > User Drop Down Menu > Settings

Scroll down until you see Loyalty Settings

1. Set the Redeem / Earn points as $1.00 = 1 point
2. You can leave the review points field blank
3. Loyalty earning % is the percentage of the order value that can be earned as points ( 10 % of $100 = 10 points )
4. Set validity for the points earned.


The validity applies sequentially, as they earn points. (e.g, if the validity is set as 30 days, Points earned today will be valid and points earned tomorrow till 30 days)

And Expiration Value (60 days based on the illustration)


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