Operational Timeslots

Every outlet or establishment has operational hours, with NinjaPro we can fix a timeslot for every day so that customers know what time to take orders.

On Dashboard or Home Page, click on the drop-down menu

at the upper right corner (That shows your outlet name)

and you’ll see the following screen on the right.

Operational Timeslots varies on the availability of your outlet.

You can choose timeslots between Pickup, Delivery, Dine in or


  1. Edit Timeslots


To edit, add or modify a timeslot availability, click on the + icon on the

Upper right corner.

  1. Choose outlet desired to add/change timeslot.
  2. Select Availability preferred.
  3. Check availability days (Mondays to Sundays)
  4. Edit Opening Time and Closing (you can tap on + icon to add broken schedule i.e, 10:00-14:00 / 17:00-21:00)
  5. Cut-off time – Select time for last call orders
  6. Interval Minutes – select a certain value of time for interval
  7. Date – select minimum and maximum date
  8. Status – select Active to publish, select Inactive to hide timeslot
  9. Hit SUBMIT to apply changes.


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