Adding Subcategory on NinjaOS

Subcategory is next to Category. It’s a filtered group according to Category. Subcategory is basically used to Separate Items from jumbling items to more organized way.


To add a subcategory…

Dashboard > Catalogs > Categories > Click Subcategories below CATEGORIES title

After clicking Subcategories, you’ll see the screen down below…


To add a new Subcategory, please click the Add Button (+) on the upper right corner…

To start with Subcategory…

  1. Select Category – choose 1 category to create subcategory
  2. Subcategory Name – put on the name of Subcategory
  3. Description – Key in your item description, nutritional facts, inclusions if item is in set

4. You can add image (but with Subcategory, this is not applicable) Hence, it will not show on the page.

5. Sort Order – Range by number to sort according to its arrangement

6. Availability – Select either the Category is for delivery,pickup,dinein or reservation.

7. Outlet – Select outlet


Keep in mind to finish this with Active Status, hit SUBMIT button to apply changes.


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