CMS Navigation

CMS Navigation – An insight creation of page where you can put up your customization of experience with NinjaOS

  1. Pages – Pages are section where in you can put your (About Us, Contacts) and any other info useful for your site.
  2. Static Block – these we’re the section to place an output for such as payment QR’s, Offline Payment method etc.
  3. Banners – are the images that are scrolling at the top part of your page. Useful for promotions and highlighting.
  4. FAQs – page used for Frequently Asked Questions
  5. Blog – inputting Blog content can also be added
  6. Promotions and Events – used to put in some promotions and overviews
  7. Merchants – place to put merchant partners
  8. Email Template – a page where you can put up templates


Each part of CMS has some useful things to put up on your page.

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