How to Add Scrolling Banners


Banners are the scrolling images at the top page of your website. This will also add essential promotion to your page especially if you have your best sellers, promos and anything that highlights your services, items and products.


To add banners on your site. Simply follow the instructions below.


On your Dashboard, go to CMS > Banners

On Banners, you will see the screen below.

Sample Illustration Only***

To add Image/Banner, click on the Add Button (+) on the upper right corner


  1. Name – Put Name of the picture
  2. Image – Upload image you desire to display
  3. Description – apply description on both Web and Mobile field
  4. Sort Order – select value based on it’s arrangement
  5. Status – Always keep it Active so it will show on main page


After completing the page, hit SUBMIT to apply changes.



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